The sexual games that you have to try with your partner will help you to break the routine and take a step in your sexual relationships. Getting out of the monotony in sexual relations with your partner is at your fingertips. If you are one of those who are always tired of the same thing and even change to different sexual positions does not help you either, playing erotic mini games will lighten up your feelings. This porno games will act like medication in your daily sexual life. Play them in for free. With more than 100 mini games, it will be easier to get with the help of these sex games. Add mystery and excitement to your routine and the results will not disappoint you.

The time trial

The duration will never be a problem, or at least it will be a motivation for you. Put your phone in countdown mode and set an amount of 10,15 or 20 minutes. At that time you can both play but there cannot be any type of penetration. It will be a challenge to hold until the alarm sounds, but it will help you to make the preliminaries pure explosiveness.


You continue playing with poor visibility but this time only for one of the two members of the couple. Take advantage of a bandage, a handkerchief or something similar and do not see anything at all. Being blind will increase your sensitivity in other ways and can be very pleasant.

To paint and enjoy

One of the simplest demonstrations of expression is painting. Take the opportunity to give it a warm touch and become one of the bedside sex games. Take advantage of special paintings of Body Painting and draw or write in the areas that you want what you want, take advantage to warm the environment. If you want to go a step further, use something edible to draw and you know how ugly it is to throw the food

Conclusion: You look but you do not touch

This is as simple as it is fun but at the same time it will bring out the most anxious side of you and your partner. You can do everything you want, but without using your hands at all. Neither touches nor caresses, nothing at all. You look, but you do not touch. Will you be able to resist? Otherwise, use something to tie your hands, be it a handcuffs or something else to walk around the house.The ideal is that you take advantage of the imagination and disguises, but you understand that little by little the sexual games will ask you more. You know where the shots go.

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