Most people think escorts and prostitutes are the same, but in reality, they are not. Though both professionals work in the adult industry, their job profiles and clientele vary. Have you ever noticed women with loud makeup standing on the road at odd hours? They are generally prostitutes seeking clients for their business. On the other hand, escorts lead discreet lives and are connected with their clients using reputable companies.

This post is meant to highlight the major differences between escorts and prostitutes.

Job Profile

In comparison to prostitutes, escorts provide their clients with more than just sex. They are also approached for companionship and for fulfilling sexual desires. There are incall and outcall escorts in Toronto that offer special services to the customers. From playing the role of a girlfriend for a night, to a hot date at a party, the diverse job profile of escorts makes them stand apart from prostitutes.


Escort services hire women who are required to dress respectfully and take pride in their appearance. These women are prim and proper and share a similar look as that of other women. On the other hand, prostitutes often wear loud makeup and scanty clothes, which instantly sets them apart from the crowd.


Escorts are professionals in the adult industry and are affiliated with a reputable company. The payment is usually processed in advance to reserve their valuable services. However, prostitutes are paid after the service has been performed. This puts these women in a vulnerable position, as prostitutes can sometimes lose out on their pay if confronted by unfair customers.


Escorts lead normal lives and are contacted by their agencies for outcall services to customers. To fulfil the needs of their client, they will make themselves available to attend any event. Also, there are some escorts who reside in agencies that offer incall services to clients. On the contrary, prostitutes are found in red light areas, brothels and on the streets.

Booking Procedure

Escorts are highly professional and work strictly by appointment. Men looking to enjoy the company of an escort, need to book them in advance from an agency. With prostitutes, it’s more of a ‘first come, first serve’ policy.


Escorts working independently, earn a lot from their profession because they don’t have to pay any dues. But, escorts who work for agencies may have to pay a mandatory fee. This, however, doesn’t lower their earnings by a lot. Escorts are paid generously for their professional conducts, appearances and types of services they offer to their clients. Prostitutes are generally paid lower than escorts.


Men from a discrete level of society always choose escorts over prostitutes. This is because escorts are professionals and are connected with reputable companies. They offer a variety of VIP services that includes being hired on as dates to outings or to simply offer companionship. On the other hand, prostitutes are not well-trained and lack professionalism.

The above-listed descriptors, clarify the reasons that differentiate escorts and prostitutes. Although prostitutes can be readily available, hiring an escort service ensures you are set-up with a professional.

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