Study in the top University in the US (also known as 美国留学) is a very good option for students around the world. But there are still many things to plan out before you go. For example, which university you want to go, how to choose health insurance, and what to do after graduation.

Founded in 1834, Tulane University (杜兰大学)is located in the internationally renowned commercial port of Louisiana in the southern United States and the southern cultural city of New Orleans. Tulane University is a national first-level university with a total of 12,000 students, including more than 6,000 undergraduate students. More than 1,000 teaching and research personnel, including Nobel laureates and many leading international scholars. Since the establishment of Tulane University, two of the alumni and teachers have won the Nobel Prize, five of them have received the Pulitzer Prize, and among their alumni, there are more Yahoo co-founders, former CNN CEO, and former CEO of Shell Oil Group. Officials, Costa Rica, and other elites from all over the world. Tulane University has strict requirements for students. It is a well-known private university with a long history and a long history. Its business schools, law schools and medical schools are among the best in their respective fields.

If you go to universities and graduated, consider applying H-1B Visa (also known as h1b签证) is the best choice for international students if you want to work here . The H-1B visa allows US companies to employ foreign highly educated and experienced skilled workers with a limit of 85,000 per fiscal year. Thousands of foreign skilled workers that high-tech companies need every year are recruited through H-1B visas. However, there are a lot of Material (also known as h1b签证材料) to prepare during the H-1B Visa process. So if you can hire an immigration lawyer (also known as 纽约移民律师)to help both you and your employer prepare the materials.

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