It is normally believed that erotic gadgets are designed exclusively for the singles. But this is not true. Sex toys prove to be highly popular amongst the couples to tantalize, tease, explore each other and boost the pleasure in the bedroom. If you really want to intensify the moments with your partner, then look out for the various sex toys that have been designed especially for the couples to improve their sex life.

The varieties

If you are looking for zabawki erotyczne dla par then you can have a look at the options mentioned below which you can have on your bedside table:

· Pocket vibrator – Vibrators are known to work wonders for women while aiming at a clitoral orgasm. But apart from this, this pocket vibrators can be used in many other ways. You can use it to roll up and down the underside of the penis of your partner while performing oral sex. You can also try vibrating it around the anus of your partner to stimulate their genitals.

· Lubricant–It is always better to use some lubricant to make the process easy. This lubricant can be either water based or coconut oil.  It is normally recommended for men, as women already have it as a natural response toarousal. Water-based lubricantsare great while having sex with latex condoms and for anal sex. The reason why coconut oil is not advised while using a condomduring sex is, the oil can break down the latex and your purpose of wearing the condom is defeated.

·Vibrating cock rings–It is a rubbery piece made of stretchable plastic with a vibrator attached on its side. You need to stretch it around your penis so that the penis vibrates while it is inside your partner and if positioned correctly rub up against their clitoris to help arouse them.

Why use them

Sex toys can give a whole new dimension to your existing relationship and make your bond stronger. Some of their benefits are:

· Better sex – Sex toys helps couples to spice up their relationship and add a variety of experiences under the sheets. It makes the procedure playful and adds to the satisfaction.

· Extra orgasms – It has been noticed that around 75% of women don’t reach orgasm during penetrative sex. Sex toys are an excellent way to help stimulate the clitoris in women and reach the climax of orgasm.

· No pressure – Relationship experts say, sex toy helps men to deal with the pressure to perform excellently during sex and enhance the relationship.

· Intimacy benefits–Sometimes you may suffer from intimacy issues leading to anxiety. Sex toys help to deal such situations and add pleasure to it by surprising your partner.

Buy online

With rising popularity of zabawkierotycznedla par, a good number of online stores have cropped up offering a variety of these sex toys. There are several reasons why buying online is considered to be the best option. Firstly, you can maintain privacy without sharing too many personal details. Secondly, some people find it awkward to buy from the physical store for them these online stores act as a boon. And finally, comes the convenience factor. Online you can sit back at home, select from a wide range of products and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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