One of the words in the title to this article is pretty much superfluous. The reason I say that is that running a sex business is exactly the same as running any business. The only difference – I guess – is that you have stay inside laws about running a brothel, people trafficking and the like. But a cafe has to worry about health and safety and food hygiene. And a bar needs licenses. At least none of that applies to setting up and running an escort agency.

But you do need the other elements that any successful business of any other kind requires; marketing, suppliers, clients, staff, finance and admin. Marketing in the escort agency industry these days means having a well designed web site and getting it to the top of the search engine rankings. If you do not have real skills in this yourself, invest in paying the experts. It is money well spent as without it you have no business. If your site is well ranked, professional and attractive, you will get the sexiest girls who escort Marbella clients contacting you which covers the supplier angle. They may be moody, unpredictable, unreliable and lots of other things. But it is kind of hard to run an escort agency without escorts, so be clear, patient, professional at all times and strict hen you have to be.

If yiu have the site and the girls, then clients are easy enough. But you have to train your staff (receptionists and any drivers that you might have) so that they know how to turn occassional one off bookings into regular clients that come back (pun intended) over and over again.

And lastly, finance and admin. If you do not have solid record keeping to make sure that your commission gets paid to you from the escorts and that you pay all your bills on time, you will – like any business – pretty soon not be in business. Business do ot normally fail because of no profits. They fail because opf cash flow. With cash flow you can get through almost anything. And within this is a simple rule. Pay your accountant and make sure that they make sure you pay your taxes. Death and taxes and all that.

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