People often say that sex without strings is the best sex you can have. This is because it is more animalistic in nature, and therefore naughtier. One night stands often create those best memories that you can fantasize about in the future times to come, even when you are currently in a relationship. All of this makes couple sex sound boring in comparison, with a lot of people thinking that couples only ‘make love’ once a month if they are lucky, but is this even true?

Naughty couples

First of all you should know that not all couples behave like angels. Just because people are in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that they are not capable of having the raunchiest sex you’ve ever thought of; and indeed there are some seriously kinky couples out there. What do you think swinger communities are made of? They’re all couples, it is an actual pre-requisite for joining most swinging clubs. Sure they have their family life to look after but it doesn’t seem to stop them from having fun. We seriously doubt that swingers all get together to just ‘make love’, trust us those nights are very wild indeed!

Sexual liberation

The past two decades have seen changes in the way people behave, and as such we have been more empowered by the media to have fun as our bodies dictate it. Women who enjoy sex are not always frowned upon anymore, though of course it all depends on which country you live. This doesn’t mean couples in the past didn’t have sex, of course they did. What it does mean is that people don’t have to hide their sexual habits as much, and people can actually sit down and talk about those things without feeling ashamed or having fingers pointed at them.

Couples still try new things

Couples like to have fun, but they often have to keep things on a low profile whilst their children still live with them. However when people reach an older age and they have the house all to themselves, then this is where the fun begins. Have you ever been proposed to join in on the fun by a couple you know after a nice diner? Ever been approached by a couple whilst using, the NSA sex site where naughty people go? We know plenty of cases where this has happened, it is really not as unusual as people make it to be. The truth is that everyone gets bored eventually, and couples who reach their sexual peak will want to try new things to keep that flame burning.

Couple sex doesn’t have to be boring

This is the point we can all agree on: yes some couples will have a pretty boring sex life, but it is certainly not the case for every couple you meet. Even when you come across this lovely family, just remember that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. This couple might look like Mr and Mrs Perfect but you never know what goes on behind closed doors? The truth is that sex is whatever you want it to be, and you can trust that there are some couples wilder than any singles all combined together.

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