Not every man has a good dating life. You may just be inexperienced at the art of dating or you seem to do all the wrong things and put the woman off you before she’s even gotten the chance to get to know you properly.

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Here are a few suggestions on ways to improve your dating results.

Be Confident, Not Arrogant

There is a fine line between being quietly confident and mildly assertive, and being cocky, arrogant and slightly domineering. Many women look for a commanding man who isn’t afraid of his own shadow, but they’re strong independent women in their own right and don’t wish to be controlled.

Focus on being a good listener and responding to her thoughts and ideas. Yet at other times, make decisions or suggestions that incorporate her tastes and ideas. This way you come across as confident, but not pushing her in a direction she’s uncomfortable with while clearly indicating that you care about her.

Don’t Go Too Far, Too Fast

It’s very typical to feel a fast attraction to someone and want to get physical too quickly. It depends very much on the woman at what speed she feels comfortable getting intimate. Even a kiss on the lips at the end of a first date is something that some ladies dislike. It’s a good idea to read her body language throughout the date, especially the latter parts of it, to gauge her level of interest. If she holds your hand spontaneously when going for a walk together or touches your hand at the restaurant dinner table, then she’s making a physical connection.

Go on Dates Where You Can Talk & Connect

The idea of going to a movie theater on the first date might seem like a good one, but what it actually means is two strangers sitting next to each other in silence while a movie plays uncomfortably for two hours. It’s not a good recipe for making a strong early connection with her.

Something more casual like a fun shared activity or a drink in a bar is more relaxed, open-ended, and opens the door for adeep conversation to get to know each other. Depending on how much time you both have available and your level of interest, moving on to another activity later is quite possible once a good connection has been established.

Introducing Adult Fun

Depending on how many dates that you’ve been on, maybe you’ve moved into the bedroom already. Once you have become intimate, you may enjoy trying out some of the toys from Adult Products India that spice things up from the get-go. You need to discover what she likes and dislikes in this area to understand what to buy. It is often a good idea to discuss it with your partner and maybe to peruse the website together to get ideas about what you both might like to try together.

Dating is a bit of a dance. There are steps to take and wrong moves one can experience. It’s a good idea to tread carefully and pay attention to how she reacts to different things to learn her nonverbal cues about what she is liking and disliking in a situation. Doing this, you can smooth the way to a greater connection between you.

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