Buying a sex toy can be an intimidating experience for yourself but buying a sex toy for your partner can be even more stressful. If you’re buying the toy for your partner you are obviously hoping for a bonding experience with them vs the potential to drive a wedge between you two. We’re here to take away some of the trepidation and fear because a sex toy is just more than a sex toy, it’s a gift of giving your partner an orgasm without even being in the room.

If you’re ready to think outside of the box to get into the box, then here are some things to consider when buying a sex toy for someone else. We are assuming you already have some knowledge about what turns your partner on. If you don’t, then don’t dive into the world of sex toys and get something way off the mark.

Ladies that like clitoral stimulation.

A sex toy that focuses on the clitoris. Rabbit vibrators are well-known for their clit-specific stimulators that flick and stimulate a woman’s clitoris with ease, while reaching inward with the vibrator. Some rabbit vibrators also stimulate the G-spot so those ones are double trouble. There are also the massaging wands which vibrate across a slightly larger area of the vagina and ensure that every nerve ending is touched and stimulated. Adding accessories to massage wands can give even greater orgasmic power. Bullet vibrators are small, sleek, discreet and straight to the point. Small and powerful; these bullet vibrators are the perfect size to target the clitoris. There are also toys that are strictly designed just for clitoral stimulation like the Satisyfer Pro 2. This type of toy has a built in soft suction cup that hugs the clit for maximum pleasure.

Ladies and Gents that are all about the G-spot.

A good old-fashioned dildo. Guys if you’re feeling creative, consider making your partner a mould of your own hard-on, especially if you pack an impressive punch. And ladies, don’t think you get to have all the dildo fun. There are sex toys made just for men so you can help them achieve maximum pleasure with a G-spot toy for him. Toys for both even come with a suction cup that will let you mount them on walls, doors, and smooth floors. With dildos, you can choose different colours, shapes, vibrating functions and lengths of your choosing so the combinations can be endless.

Toys You Can use together

If you’ve used certain sex toys together as part of foreplay or even during sex, look for something you’ll both love! Vibrating eggs and sex kits are two examples of sex toys that offer an experience that involves both of you. Remote controlled sex kits or toys can be used to stimulate your partner while you control the vibrations and sensations from a completely different place away from them. This type of sex toy has mobile app functionality, so if you’re in different parts of the country (or even the world!) you can use your smartphone to give them a quick buzz, or you can watch her body shake and squirm in pleasure as you tease between different speeds.

Adventurous Partner

If your partner has no qualms about exploring their sexual side and loves to try new things, toys like anal plugs/beads, electrostim kits, BDSM, rope play, and handcuffs could open their eyes further or take you both on a new journey into kinky sex play.

So if you’re thinking of buying a present for your partner, make sure you’re not buying it for your own selfish reasons because that’s not nice. Don’t buy your partner a whip if they have expressed no interest in pain play, but if they’ve hinted that they might like to be tied up, signs are pointing to a multitude of choices like restraints, cuffs, ropes, and more. Just choose one that will get both your naughty juices flowing.

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