Some dating sites are internationally known for their true marketing and have made online Russian dating socially acceptable especially among young people. The market for this kind of partner exchange is growing enormously which is why there is a both reputable and less reputable provider for online dating.

Do not lie

Do not make yourself taller or thinner than you are and do not think of a new profession for you. The no go here is not your supposed weakness but the attempt to deceive. At the latest on the first date the truth will come to light anyway.

Sexual offers and fantasies have nothing to do in a first message

This has time until you get to know each other better. Most women will not respond to such a message and it can even lead to your being banned. A creative and humorous cover letter that sets itself apart from others remains in the head of your future dating companion and increases the chances of an answer.

Avoid too abstract ambiguity

Without tone, gestures and facial expressions it is difficult to judge what is ironic and what is meant seriously. When you start writing the woman does not know you yet and cannot rate you. So it can easily come to misunderstandings that you can never eradicate again because the woman just will not write back to you.

Do not become too personal too fast

All too private questions and intimate details about the favorite position should also not be discussed too early by chat. Wait until you know each other better and you have better pick up the most explosive topic for a cozy evening for two.

Watch your profile pictures

In the profile photos there is a lot of what you can do wrong. Your photos should be rather private snapshots that show you in your spare time and interesting activities. Even photos with ultra-cool bad boy facial expression or selfies in front of the bathroom mirror should be avoided. These pictures are more conceited and dismissive for most women.

Conclusion: Do not be too intrusive

Cell phone numbers should not be sent immediately upon first contact just as few intrusive offers to meet immediately. Pay attention to spelling and avoid abbreviations like lol, rofl, imfao or similar. For most women such news is immature and sloppy and it may happen that intelligent and educated women are not responding to your otherwise good news for that very reason.Whether you just want to flirt or not exclude a partnership, if it sparkles between you and your online flirt in real life, in online single dating site everything is possible and there are no real rules.


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