There is a hilarious scenario that has been played out in movies many times – that of an escort arriving at a hotel room for a booking.

Invariably she will be dressed in Hollywood’s interpretation of an escort. Red mini dress with killer heels, hair and make up a little over the top to say the least.

Hobbling towards the hotel reception area, tiny clutch bag in hand and fake fur jacket she will demand to know what room is John Smith in for his 9pm booking.

Hilarious for sure, that is of course if you are on the receiving end of this unwanted attention.

Thankfully the reality is somewhat different when you book the services of an escort.

When you first start to browse an escort agency website such as with the intention of booking a girl for the evening, one thing that will no doubt cross your mind is the discretion element, of your girl arriving.

Do you want the whole hotel to know that you have booked an escort? Do you want the hotel guests to see her walking into your room? In most instances the answer is an emphatic no you don’t. So, what actually does happen when you book an escort at your hotel room?

Once you have selected your lady for the booking you ring the escort agency. Best to shortlist a couple or 3 girls actually to avoid any disappointment. Then you call through and make your booking.

The escort agency will ask for your hotel name of course, and the time of your booking. They will also at this stage ask for your room number. This is to check that it is a genuine booking and they will most likely give you a quick call back to confirm this, on your hotel bedroom phone. All good so far and no one the wiser,

The next stage is getting the girl into your room. Most guys worry about this too much as hotels are so busy that they don’t notice people in and out of their reception areas constantly. But one thing to bear in mind is that escorts are discreet and professional, they have done this before.

They don’t arrive at your hotel in a mini skirt. They will invariably arrive in jeans and a jacket. Don’t worry, the stunning pictures that you saw of your chosen escort in her sexy underwear on the website is there, just underneath her jeans and jacket.

When your escort arrives, she will most likely shoot a text message through to you to let you know that she is there so that you can be ready. Last minute tidy up of the room, slug of beer as she makes her way up to your room, she will announce herself with a gentle tap on your door. That’s all there is to it. Discreet and safe. You can then enjoy the rest of your evening in your private hotel bedroom with your escort.

 If you feel more comfortable then hang your do not disturb outside but you won’t be bothered. All that unnecessary worry over nothing eh? Escorts are experienced and they recognise the importance of discretion to most guys. They don’t know who you are but they know that what you are doing with them if possible a little bit naughty or taboo and they respect your privacy.

Booking an in-call escort is even easier. Often, they have a discreet apartment in town and will give you the address when you make a booking. Walk or taxi across town and simply make your way to their place.

Maybe announce yourself with a text message and your escort will greet you at the door. No prying eyes, no none is interested any more. No one will even know what’s going on behind closed doors so you can relax knowing that your discretion is assured.

Booking the services of a high-class escort is exciting and great fun. Some guys are really worried about the discretion element but it simply is not a factor these days. Book your escort with confidence, she knows exactly what she is doing. They have been there before.

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