Erotic massages Prague offers are the right choice for everyone who is somehow fed up with the omnipresence of bustle, noise and crowds. Professional erotic massage will help you get rid of stress, anxiety and overwhelmingness.

Relaxation for Body and Mind

Massages generally bring profound feelings of relaxation and those erotic ones can be many times more relaxing, courtesy of letting loose client’s sexual energy. Experience the full range of sensations, extraordinary experience and sensuality. 

Erotic Massages Prague – For men, women and couples

The offering of provided services is wide. Unfortunately, women are a bit disadvantaged because female workers have superiority in numbers in erotic massage studios. Nevertheless, that does not mean that there is no masseur to be found in Prague, nor that you cannot use the services of masseuses if you are a woman.

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Infinite Number of Techniques

Vast majority of erotic massage studios offer a huge amount of kinds of massages. The most frequent and sought-after are mentioned below:

Nuru Massage

Also known as “slippery/smooth” massage. Nuru is a traditional Japanese massage providing ritual techniques and procedures. It starts with herbal bath, shared by client and masseuse. After that, a naked client lies down on a mattress and a masseuse applies a special seaweed gel on his entire body. This gel – Nuru gel as it is called, is warming and detoxifying. Its irreplaceability consists in its amazing slipperiness – dry skin absorbs it, but after the usage in combination with wet skin the skin becomes extremely slippy.

During the massage, a Nuru practitioner, being naked as well, has the widest possible physical contact with a client. 

Soapy Massage

Soapy massage is also one of the category of body-to-body massages. What usually precedes it, is taking a shower together with a masseuse. The next step lies in application of oil and thick lather using a warmed-up cloth. After client’s mind becomes blissfully relaxed, the massage can start. Masseuse uses various techniques to loosen tight muscles, which is followed by sliding her naked body on the body of client. It will not surprise anyone that this experience commonly finishes with a happy ending.

Genital Massage

As its name indicates, during genital massage a practitioner pays increased attention to client’s intimate parts of body and erogenous zones. That causes higher blood flow and sensitivity so the resultant climax is much stronger than the ones clients are usually used to.

Genital massages are also often used as a supporting treatment for erectile dysfunctions – a masseuse, using specific movements, helps stiffened areas to release and get the right blood flow.

For Couples

To experience this highly sensual sort of massage with your partner is a great choice for those who have decided to liven up their sexual life. However, to avoid the exact opposite, it is important to make an agreement with regard to how the massage will be finished and what the practitioner can do to you and your partner.

If one of the clients is interested, it is possible to take the initiative and massage his partner by own hands.

If you want to give an erotic massage to your partner by yourself, draw inspiration for example from here.

Follow the Rules

It is necessary to observe the rules. Erotic massages do not equal sexual services and oral sex or intercourse by no means is allowed. In case of a proposal of this sort, practitioners can end a massage instantly.

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