You have finally decided to visit a strip club. The next step is to find the best one in your city. For the uninitiated, strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs may mean the same thing, although the latter is typically considered to be more upscale and highly posh. Known strip clubs, such as Deja Vu Centerfolds, offer a mix of entertainment, food and drinks, and you can expect to have a good time.

In addition, we bring all the tips you need to know for the ultimate strip club experience.

Follow the basic dos and don’ts

First and foremost, do treat strippers with respect. Remember they are not regular escorts, and while that might be true for some strip clubs, but many of these girls are just professionals in stripping. They often use pseudo names and numbers, so asking for details is kind of foolish. You are not allowed to touch strippers, even when they are right on your lap. It is also not okay to order one drink every hour. Note that strip clubs make money mostly through drinks and food bills, so if you want to stay longer, the orders should continue.

Do not take plastic money with you to strip clubs, because you are usually expected to pay in cash. Even if you do, you still need bills to pay the waiters, bartenders and strippers. Please tip the strippers and follow the golden rule that must be followed at strip clubs – Pay if you want to play. How much you should tip depends on many factors, but ideally, consider the place and what others are doing.

Enjoy the extra services

By now, you probably know that strip clubs have extra charges for almost everything besides the cover fee. Lap dance prices are decided by the house, so ask in advance, and yes, the cost can go up, if you want a fully nude stripper. Do not touch and make sure that you are open about what you want to enjoy. It is also possible to book a VIP club or a special room for a party or private event, such as a bachelor’s party. For that, we recommend that you visit the place in advance and check the arrangements and associated expenses.

Check online now to find more on strip clubs close to your home and go on a weekday to enjoy the ambience, food and strippers better.

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