Have you ever had that fantasy about your neighbour before? You know, the one where you can see that MILF next door is always nice and smiling to you; and you can’t help to wonder whether you’ve actually have a chance at it? We can’t say we blame you, it would be a nice thing after all, walking out of your house and following your neighbour back to her bedroom as she walks you by the hand… who doesn’t want that? But first you must figure out if you’ve actually got a chance, or whether it’s all just in your mind!

A shag next door

No one can deny how convenient it would all be to have access to a local bang so easily. It’s not even just in your town, it is right next door! No need to travel long distances, no need to even meet women on your favourite sex chat site. It is the picture of convenience mixed with the right amount of dirtiness, and everyone loves to get laid easily. But for all its easy aspects, you got to remember that if things go wrong, then you’re still stuck with that person as they live next-door. Maybe your neighbour will end up being too dirty, asking you for sex all the time. Sounds like a dream but for some this could turn to a nightmare; with too much convenient sex being offered on a plate.

How nice are they?

You can usually tell if a lady is trying to chat you up of if they are just being polite, but it is a difference some of us find difficult to make. If they are just talking to you and smiling then the chance is that they are just being friendly. If however they keep looking at you in the eyes, and if they regularly wink at you and act a little flirtier, then it’s more likely that you got some hope. Let’s say your neighbour is hosing her garden and ‘accidentally’ pours water on her top and keeps smiling at you a parading herself a bit, then you know you’re good to go. It sounds like a naughty movie but that’s how those situations can actually happen!

Meet your neighbour

You might have regular chit-chats with that sexy neighbour, but why not grab a bit of courage and ask them if they want to have a quick coffee or drink with you. You’re boiling that kettle anyway so ask them if they want to join you. They might say no in which case you know to leave it, but what if they say yes? Just be pleasant with them, show them some hospitality and who knows, they might invite you back to their flat sooner than you think. That would be the ideal situation, as they would probably be more comfortable being in their own home, unless of course they’ve got a husband, then it’s a different story altogether. That may be too much risk, it is okay to have fun with people but when they’re married and they live next door; well… let’s just say that the situation could turn sour!

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