She came, she cried in despair, her husband had no rectum and left her after the mastectomy. After that double trauma – the disease and abandonment – she was given a move like so many women do when they hit the bottom, she got up, months later she met a 13-year-old younger man who fell in love with her. Now they send photos of trips and vacations.

Female need even during the spell

So all the stories that pass from this study end? Certainly not, but one thing my experience tells me: women here want to talk about sexuality, it is a requirement of all even in the stage of the disease. In Fasten the Belts, the film I collaborated with, wanted for this to insert the sequence in which the two make love in the hospital in which she is hospitalized. And even among women who live with the disease, which will not heal, this is a very important aspect. Beware, though: I do not only see sick people but also women who take care of their health as a preventive function. And I talk with men who accompany the partners (and if anything, after the visit, they call me to understand more). Well, those who do better are women who can say what they want to partners, who can investigate their desire (and also the causes of absence) and know how to communicate. Sometimes, they can also say no. Difficult for many who think they have to give what their partner wants. We are in constant performance anxiety. For the hentai games this happens to be a very important matter.

The timing of sexuality should follow those of women’s lives

Desire can wane, even for hormonal reasons, or for the thousand causes that we can imagine. But it is different to tell a man “I do not want you” and that is enough, or give space to other practices (preliminary, simplistic word, as if the sex was exclusively linked to penetration) or challenge him to try other ways. Penetration is not the only pleasure possible, you have to print it on your head and know how much the psychological component acts on us. Not a few times I see that, beyond the re-adjustments – for example, countering vaginal dryness – the problem of a woman is elsewhere, and the absence of desire is only a symptom of other crises. So it’s about changing stimuli and desire returns. And then, by accepting the passage of time and the changing of the body, sexuality improves: asking to believe in women who have passed the menopause and who have kept an open communication with their partner.

Erotic intimacy has its own rules

Couples in trouble, intimacy that was there and that is sucked by the needs of a much more absorbent parenting of the past, which is accompanied by the care of elderly parents and professional investment. Too many tables on which you are asked to be at the top of your ability: that’s why conciliate everything becomes increasingly difficult. We must deal with it and continue to communicate.

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