A strip club is an adult wonderland where men visit to have fun with the beautiful girls dancing almost naked. Some go there to enjoy great drinks while paying a girl for a de-stressing lap dance while some move into the clubs to show their desperation. Men looking for the ultimate adult entertainment in San Francisco visit strip clubs choose the clubs wisely. Sophisticated working professionals usually prefer visiting the gentlemen’s club where unlike the cheap strip clubs they maintain a great environment, dress code, and the guests can’t show their desperation towards the girls by groping them.

Here are the top 5 things men want in a strip club—

Beautiful & Sexy girls

Men only visit the strip clubs or the gentlemen’s club to watch the sexy and beautiful women dancing on the stage, on the poles or on their laps. Yes, they go there for objectifying women which stands out to be very anti-feminist, yet the primitive urges that men couldn’t stand away from drives them into that sinful pleasure. In home or personal life, they can never expect their wives or girlfriends doing such erotic dance to lure them but yes, the strippers can.

Skilled Lap dancers

They want highly professional and skilled beautiful girls constantly flirting around with them while they keep giving away the dollars to the beautiful creatures.

Great ambiance

Not all the strip clubs are pedestrian full of rowdy desperate men howling as the strippers keep throwing off clothes and keep revealing their nude body. There are upscale clubs where the managers and bouncers take good care of men doing such frivolous acts. Men expect to enjoy great drinks in the perfect environment created in the club with some nice music, live music performances, and the flirtatious dances of the sensual women.

Well-behaved bartender or host

Customers expect well behavior from the hosts to the bartenders. People working in popular strip clubs always maintain their code of conduct even when they have to deal with a huge crowd.

Services Worth each penny

Men, who are ready to spend money when visiting a strip club for the ultimate night out, expect the return of every penny they spend. For that they want a great bar serving the nicest drinks, beautiful girls doing the sensual lap dance but they can’t hold them or ask their numbers.

So, before you hit into a strip club do your research well for enjoying all the above-mentioned services.

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